Lonnie Crosland was my fitness trainer for several years. She is extremely knowledgeable
about the human body and what muscles need help and what form of exercise that group of
muscles needs. She is a hard worker and expects her clients to put in their best as well. You
can feel assured that you are in very good hands when you are in Lonnie’s care and you will
start to see and feel all your hard work pay off because of the competent manner in which she
sculpts you a new looking body.Terry M.
Lonnie has been my personal fitness trainer since September 2017. Since then she has
helped with my strength and balance tremendously. She pushes me a little bit (a lot
actually) than I would on my own. And, her sense of humor and listening to what's going
on with me are great. I highly recommend her.Cathy M.
Lonnie was my personal trainer years ago. I was in need of weight gain and muscle and
her training and coaching got me to my fitness goals. Even co-workers noticed the
transformation. I highly recommend her. Thanks again Lonnie!Joel S. Age 37
Lonnie has been instrumental in helping me out through tough situations that had me
stuck. Her ability to enable me to open my eyes to different possibilities and ways of
handling my difficult situations was just what I needed. She is a joy, full of energy and
very enlightening. I encourage anyone who is stuck in life to use her services. You will
be happy you did.Evelyn