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Do Good Intentions Alone = A Happy Balanced Life?

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The Good Intentions

You say to yourself, “Yes, I’m definitely going to be making positive changes starting this upcoming new year. I’m going to exercise and eat healthy to get into better shape and I’m going to make time for things that are most important to me.”

You pop out of bed all full of motivation beginning of January. Pulling on your workout clothes you go for a run. Your refrigerator is stocked with healthy foods and you even have your food portions measured out ahead of time. If that weren’t enough you also planned your time and schedule and got your personal finances organized. You think, “Yes! I’m on my way. I can do this!!”

More exciting still is the fact that changes ARE happening.  You feel better, have more energy and your clothes are getting looser. Spending time with loved ones and doing those things you truly love to do with money and time you didn’t know you had also brings you great joy.

The Dilemma

Then all of a sudden, pressures of life and old habits come creeping back in. Firstly, you say, “Couple days of no exercise won’t hurt and I’m really not a morning person. I’m sleeping in.” Secondly, this thought then comes to your mind, “I’m sure getting tired of these boring, healthy foods and I sure miss those tasty dishes I once enjoyed. I’m going to  indulge in foods I KNOW aren’t healthy for me but I deserve this splurge!”  Thirdly, the detailed mapping of your time and energy was too involved and you simply felt it hard to keep the schedule going so you say, “It’s too hard. It gives me a headache. I can’t keep this schedule.”

Fast forward to the end of March. The evidence of your healthy changes have now reverted back to where you started from and you say to yourself, “Maybe next year will be better.”

It happens to all of us. We are set in our particular ways, sometimes for decades. Let’s not forget all those unforeseen circumstances that can blind-side us at any time. It’s enough to throw anyone for a loop.

Case in point: this crazy year! Can we get 2019 back? Those were the days when you could attend group events, go to movies, eat inside restaurants, workout inside gyms, etc.

Even the best of us got sidetracked this year of 2020 which shall go down in history as the Covid-19 Pandemic Year. Our best plans went out the window and we all had to scurry to try and change course and adapt to our new normal. Geez!

The Solution

The key for long lasting healthy changes starts with being honest with yourself and getting to know “how you tick.”  Get in touch with who you are.   Understand your personality, your little perks, your strengths and your weaknesses.  Adapt new behaviors to better suit you for consistency and sustainability.  Consistency is key! Get unstuck and step up once and for all.

Don’t like exercising in the morning, try mid-afternoon. I do! If you don’t like brussel sprouts then eat broccoli or another green vegetable. Missing those tasty dishes? Have a small cheat day and plan for it. Not organized but need to be organized? Use programs or templates or other methods to keep you organized. You get the picture.

In conclusion, know the journey is yours and yours alone. Enjoy your life! Do what works for you and the healthy habits stay for life! Now that’s an accomplishment!

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