Action Steps that Work for YOU

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Results-oriented Strategies with YOU in Mind

Are you like me in realizing there are thousands of different strategies one can implement as resolutions to getting unstuck in life?

While most strategies work for the individual presenting them, you have to ask yourself the question, does it work for ME? Does it line up with my end-in-mind life plan and include those things  most important to ME?

There are so many “rabbit holes” one can jump into and so many different points of view out there. So where does one even begin?

It begins with knowing who you truly are.  You may have to dig deep. It may be covered up with all your obligations and day-to-day activities and reactions to life’s emergencies. Find your innermost desires and core values. Then you will be able to create YOUR own happy, balanced life.

The Empathy Factor and Personal Approach

While coaching in fitness, life and personal budgeting coaching, I have to make sure to put myself in my client’s shoes before implementing THEIR plan for them to improve to get unstuck.

It means listening to my client’s body cues and physical limitations and progressing their level of fitness gradually.

In personal budgeting it is creating a plan that fits my client’s habits and personality so they can have FUN…yes FUN… bringing down debt while accumulating wealth.

When life coaching a client, it’s finding out what is most important to my client’s life. It’s helping to line them up with their desires while eliminating distractions that keep them confused, stressed and stuck!

What is YOUR mindset?

Let me ask you this. Does the word “budget” make you think of saving money only and doing without things you enjoy? When you hear the word “diet” do you think, “Oh no, I’m going to have to eat salads and vegetables only and not enjoy my favorite tasty foods!” When you think of having a balanced life do you think mainly of time management doing more in less time?

What if I were to tell you this is not the case and healthy lifestyle changes can be enjoyed?

Consistency is of utmost importance. If one is going against their own talents, gifts and desires what do you think the chances are that this person will remain consistent in his/her actions? That’s right. Zero chances. It would be similar to a professional artist trying to be an accountant! Those two careers usually don’t jive.

Celebrate the individual that is you! Be the best you!

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