Stop the Chaos & Confusion: Busyness vs. Productivity

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Time Management Alone Is Not the Answer

There is quite a bit of talk regarding time management and getting lots done in a small amount of time. We run around doing errands and checking off our to-do lists and become exhausted and drained. Then, we look back and realize that in all the hard work we did there was little to show for it. How depressing! This was the case with me and I’m sure you might have encountered the same thing. Perhaps you are tired of running around in circles spinning your wheels. I know I was!

Your Dreams Realized

It’s about prioritizing your time towards your end-in-mind goals. What if you decided to make your time and day count towards what you wish your life to be?  I’m talking about those things that you want to accomplish in life that are of utmost importance to you. If you were 90 years old and near death, what were those things you wish you had done but did not? What things did you fret over and try to accomplish that now all of a sudden don’t seem that important?

Resurrect those dreams that you once discarded and also start new ones. Live your life with purpose and meaning! Start making those dreams come true. If you are real with yourself you will recognize things that can deter you from a life of peace and fulfillment and readjust accordingly. You can journey through life with joy in your heart. Life becomes an adventure and a life well-lived.

A Peaceful, Balanced, Purposeful Life = End of the Chaos & Confusion

Productivity over busyness means that you accomplish more in less time leading to a happy, balanced, life. This is because you are tending to those things most important to you.  Your mind is freed from the chaos and confusion and you now think more positive thoughts, resulting in positive outcomes. As you become closer and closer through achievements in journeying to your end goals you are more excited about life and it encourages you to continue.

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from  you and whatever challenges you may be facing.



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