Keeping Your Priorities A Priority

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The priorities I am referring to are those things that are most important to you; things you value the most. Have you got so busy that you forgot what they were? Do you include them into your everyday life? Do you make time for these very important things or do you put them aside and say, “I’ll get to them someday.” Nobody is guaranteed a tomorrow and today should not be wasted.

Your priorities are not just the “to-do” list than can get a mile long. They are those things that bring about results towards your end-in-mind. For instance, imagine yourself at 85 years old. Looking from this end of life perspective, what things do you wish you had done? Do you regret time wasted on unimportant things? Do you regret time not spent with loved ones, or in pursuits that were not worthwhile and fulfilling?

Yes, life can throw curve balls, and emergencies arise, and fires need to be put out. But let us all, in the course of our life journey on earth, not forget to include those things that are the most fulfilling. Go ahead and make your “to-do” list but let us all keep our own end-in-mind as a focus and include time for those things that lead to this end in mind. Make THESE part of your “to-do” list.

Make time and gaps in your schedule to take care of unforeseen emergencies and to foster relationships. You are the master of your own schedule. As a life coach I teach about having a happy balanced life and just how important it is for our own wellbeing.

Keeping your priorities a priority is of utmost importance. Take the initiative today for change. It’s never too late. Start now before it IS too late. I’ve seen the difference in those I have coached and it can make a difference in your life as well. Live a life well-lived.

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