The Face-to-Face Connection

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Has the face-to-face connection been forgotten? In the era of social media has real life connections gone away totally? When you look around at people who are eating in a restaurant how many do you see actually interacting with each other, looking at each other, listening and conversing? Not many.

How many sweetheart scams or catfish scams come about with people relying solely on the internet and social media as the truth without actually meeting the person in real life? How many things are taken for truth without first doing due diligence to make sure the facts are indeed factual?

We still need the human connection. We need to support and be supported by those who truly have our best interest at heart. We need human compassion and understanding. This comes with due diligence and finding out the truth from the main source, not from gossip of others. This takes interaction, human interaction and discernment of character.

It seems that people these days are glued to their phones or laptops. Am I saying that I believe social media is bad? No, I am not but I am of the belief that it should not TAKE THE PLACE OF real life. The internet and social media can be used for good, such in the case of connecting to family members far away, and in letting others know of your business or important matters which are not local, and in other instances.

Yes, there have been great advantages associated with technology but let’s not forget to include human interaction. We came together on September 11, 2001 when terrorists attacked New York and on other occasions for a season when tragedy strikes.  Why not continue to do so? Let’s let technology ENHANCE our connections instead of replacing them. We need each other.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I love this! Yes face to face, hand to hand and Heart to Heart is absolutely the most powerful and effective way to build true long lasting relationships in business, marriage, family and plain life!

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